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Kooindah Waters Golf and Spa Resort
8th April to 22nd May 2016
40 Kooindah Blvd, Wyong NSW
  Free entry
Open 7 days
Daylight hours

'Sculpture on the Greens' subscribes to the belief that Art should be considered an opportunity for expression, rather than a subjective competition.

Over 80 sculptures are been exhibited along with students from several local high schools.

View entries here.

The Exhibition is quickly gaining a reputation for its high caliber and egalitarian vision, pointing towards an interesting, contemporary exhibition, with a diverse and eclectic range of sculptures assembled for the exhibition.

2016 Major Stipend Winners


The exhibition is not a competition, as art is a subjective and personal expression of ones passion. With this in mind, five high profile Sculptors, from different backgrounds, have recommended one of the five major INCENTIVE AWARDS. The adjudicators will not know who else is recommending the other AWARDS and can only make their ONE preferences known. This will level the playing field and reduce subjectivity, giving all styles of sculpture a chance to be awarded an INCENTIVE AWARD.

To view the sculptures, click the highighted link below for the details:
David Doyle David Doyle for
"Kooindah Mob"
  Bev Chalmers Bev Chalmers
John Fitzmaurice John Fitzmaurice for
"Think Big"
  Robert Neeson Robert Neeson for
"Musical Muse"
Nicole de Mestre Nicole de Mestre for
"Oyster Bed"

2016 Highly Commended

To view the sculptures, click the highighted link below for the details:
Elfriede Armstrong Elfriede Armstrong for
"eyePod Releases"
  Therese Wilkins Therese Wilkins for
"Breaking Free"
Keith Chidzey Emilia Krumm for
"It ain't over 'til Martha swims"